Tango mp3 player with Social Media AI Sentiment Analysis

Tango IA mp3 ESP8266 Device

One of my childhood memories is my grandfather Vittorio listening music according to his mood. The most heart breaking tangos for sad days and milongas (happier and faster tangos) for sunny days.

Today we post our ideas, fears, hopes and feelings in Social Media. So, what about an Arduino based music player that determines your mood using artificial intelligence algorithms over your Tweets and automatically selects which Tangos to play?

As soon as the device is turned on, a simple scan is made to verify that all Leds are working. Then, WiFi led will blink until a connection to local router is established.

Social Media Sentiment Analysys Debug

At this point a query is made to a remote Apache Server running Twitter API and PHP Sentiment Analyser library. The latest 5 tweets of a user timeline will be considered and a simple “h” will be returned for happy sentiment or “s” for sad sentiment.

The device will parse server response and turn on the green Led (happy) or red Led (sad) It will also point to respective folder (happy tangos in folder 01 and sad tangos in folder 02)

Fusion 360 model

The press of the button will start playing random Tangos in selected folder. The same button will pause. The potentiometer slider is used to control DFPlayer mini digital volume (from 1 to 30)



English CC available

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