Atari 2600 Paddle Chiptune Synth

For Maker Music Festival 2021 I’ve decided to reprogram my Atari 2600 Paddle Chiptune. Now converted into a synth ready for jams.

The Atari Paddle Chiptune is made with an Atari Paddle Joystick, Arduino Nano and 7 segment display.

No Midi is involved. Sound is produced with Mozzi Library right and output from Arduino digital pin.

Array with E penta frequencies

int myFrequenciesArrayA[]={165, 293, 329, 392, 392, 392, 392, 392};

Code to assign frequencies


averaged =;

if (buttonValue==0){



Don’t worry. No Atari Joystick was harmed for this project. Everything can be undone.

Award of merit

Award of Merit 2021

Vitis Theremin building

Atari Paddle chiptune synth Jam demo

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